Posted by Anne Decker on Jul 29, 2022
As a member of Rotary District 6600, you will be receiving a monthly newsletter that contains information about Club activities, District events and opportunities, ZONE events, and some special items of note from Rotary International. 
It is my hope that you will find the information useful in your role as a Rotarian and as a community leader.

The format of the newsletter has changed in two ways.  First, there will be a short video message sent with the newsletter.  This will give you an opportunity to have quick access to the information that is being provided.  Second, the newsletter will contain live links - where you can click to find additional information, read an article, register for an event, etc.  I hope that you find this new format helpful and easy to navigate.

So - let's IMAGINE!  August is Membership and Club Development Month

Link to video message from District Governor Diana Savage -


Link to video message from Rotary International President Jennifer Jones -
It is truly an honor to be serving as your District Governor for the 2022-2023 Rotary year.  Let's IMAGINE a month where we share our stories, our whys, our success and invite others to join us on this amazing journey!

Yours in Rotary,

Diana Savage
District Governor 6600