The Scoop - July 11, 2022
President Derek shared his goals of fellowship and service during his first meeting.
A recent Rotary International survey showed that most Rotarians became members for two primary reasons: fellowship and service. New Lima Rotary Club President Derek Stemen says he has decided to make those two things his main goals for the upcoming year. "I want to encourage all of us to get back to the basics, to focus on the things that make Rotary great in the first place." Two of the things President Derek is adding to our weekly meetings are a Rotary Minute that will focus on a different aspect of Rotary to help us learn more about everything Rotary has to offer; he is also instituting a Member Spotlight which will put a special emphasis on our members and help us get to know each other. President Derek is also encouraging us to "Every One Bring One," and bring a friend to Rotary and encourage them to join to help boost our membership. He also would like to see more people at our social meetings, "One of the greatest ways you're going to grow closer to people is by spending time with them, so I want to encourage everybody to attend our social events."
President Derek's specific goals are:
Club Membership                   150
New Member Sponsorship      15
Service Participation               110
Service Projects                       12
Youth Services                        1 Rotary Club and 1 Interact Club
PolioPlus                                  $5,000
Annual Fund Contributions     $16,500
District Training                      5
Also at Monday's meeting, we welcomed back Roy and Esther Baldridge to receive their Paul Harris +8 pins. They also donated their accumulated Paul Harris points to former Mayor David Berger who is now a Paul Harris Fellow. Congratulations, Mayor Berger!
Rotary Minute
Starting this year, we are going to add a Rotary Minute and a Member Spotlight to our Rotary Club Meetings. During this time, we hope to connect our members more to the mission of Rotary and to each other. We are looking for individuals to help arrange these two spotlight moments for our weekly meetings. If you are interested in this role in our club, please contact President Derek.
Lima Locos
We had an awesome time at Rotary Night at the Lima Locos!
The Lima Rotary Club's July Social will be family friendly! 
Join us for social night on July 20 from 5:00-7:00 at Russ & Anne Decker's house and bring the kids! There will be fishing, swimming and boating on the pond, a hayride and a visit to the horses, plus homemade ice cream. Don't miss this fun evening. Please let Demi know if you will be attending.
Golf Outing
Join us for the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing on August 17 and support our scholarship fund.
Please join us for a fun day of golf, games, and Rotarian camaraderie. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the annual Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing. It will be held on Wednesday, August 17th at Hidden Creek Golf Course with a rain date of Wednesday, August 24th
Last year we had 29 teams competing and raised $39,910, all of which went to benefit the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund selects persons who live or work in Allen County who are in pursuit of a degree or certification and will attend a school or college in Allen County. The intent of the scholarship is to encourage Allen County employees and residents to work and plan for their futures within our county. As of April 2022, the Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund has helped 1,125 adults to continue their education and to pursue their dream. These scholarships total over $852,250. Degrees or certifications can be achieved at the Apollo Career Center (Adult Education), Bluffton University, Rhodes State College, The Ohio State University at Lima and the University of Northwestern Ohio. All residents who live in and employees who work in Allen County are eligible.       
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights from the July 12th board meeting.
Call to Order                                                                                                                           Derek Stemen
Stemen called the meeting together at 11:41 A.M. with the following board members present:
Derek Stemen, Jeff Fitzgerald, Demi Burden, Joel Mengerink, Elizabeth Brown-Ellis. Also, Secretary Anne Decker and Treasurer Dan Best were present. Absent were Lesley Fry, Keith Horner, Tim Stanford, Jeff Unterbrink, Andy Wannemacher.
Secretary’s Report                                                                                                                 Anne Decker
Approval of the June 14, 2022 Board Minutes
Brown-Ellis made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 14, 2022 meeting as submitted.  Mengerink seconded the motion. Board approved.
Attendance report for June 2022 
Eight new members joined the club in June 2022 and three members resigned. Membership is up 3 for the year. June attendance was 39.96%. The month ended with 143 active members and 4 honorary members.             
President’s Report                                                                                                                 Derek Stemen
Rotary Night at the Lima Locos
Rotary Night at the Lima Locos is Thursday, July 14. All 50 tickets provided to the club were taken at Monday’s meeting. The Locos gave us 25 more. Decker will send out an email to the membership letting them know about the extra tickets and will make arrangements for a banner to hang on the party deck at the game.
July Social Meeting
Social Meeting – July 20 at Anne & Russ Decker’s house. Members are encouraged to bring their children for family fun.
Amphitheater Update
The club will get an update on the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater on July 25. Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp and Senate President Matt Huffman will be part of the presentation.
New Treasurer
Stemen recommended to the board that Tracey Regula be named the new club treasurer to replace Dan Best who is retiring from the position. Regula will have difficulty attending meetings in February, March and April due to tax season. The board thanked Best for all his work as treasurer and for helping train Regula for the position. Fitzgerald made a motion to appoint Regula as club treasurer beginning July 12, 2022.  Brown-Ellis seconded the motion. Board approved.
Relocation of Two Meetings
Due to conflicts at the Civic Center, the Lima Rotary Club meetings on August 1 and 8 will be moved to the City Club.
Collaboration With Toastmasters
Toastmasters Club contacted Stemen about possible collaborations. There are already partnerships between the clubs in other cities. Stemen has asked the President of the local Toastmasters for examples of how we can possibly collaborate.
Rose Parade
Rotary International is asking local clubs for a contribution of $25 to pay for RI’s entry in the Tournament of Roses Parade. The board agreed that was a good thing to do. Decker will have a check sent.
Rottery Charities
The club president chooses the charities that will benefit from Rottery. The board considered possible charities that will benefit during the 2022-2023 year. Those chosen were PolioPlus, the All Ability Playground and the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater. One more charity is to be determined.
Board Reports                                                                                                                        All Board Members
Empowering Girls                                                                                                                   Derek Stemen
Empowering Girls Committee will meet on July 18. The committee is working on partnerships with organizations that have existing programs for girls.
PolioPlus                                                                                                                                  Derek Stemen
Stemen and Horner are wrapping up the PolioPlus campaign from the 2021-2022 year and hope to have final numbers soon.
Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing                                                                                            Derek Stemen
The Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing is August 17 at Hidden Creek Golf Center. Teams and hole sponsors are still being sought.
OSU Raffle                                                                                                                              Jeff Fitzgerald
Slightly more than half the tickets were sold for the OSU sports photo raffle. Fitzgerald will get tax information from Jerry Lucas so the club can cut him a check for his half of the proceeds.
Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                                 Dan Best
Best reviewed information from the financial reports. The club’s total income year to date is $88,796.10, slightly above the same period last year. The club’s YTD expenses are $94,899.22, leaving the club with a net loss of $6,103.12, down $14,695.03 from the same period last year. Mengerink made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Fitzgerald seconded the motion. Board approved.
New Business
There are no new applications at this time.

Cathy Clark has resigned due to work conflicts. Burden made a motion to approve her resignation with regret, effective June 30, 2022. Brown-Ellis seconded the motion. Board approved.
Club Goals                                                                                                                              Derek Stemen
Stemen laid out his goals for the year. They are:
Club Members hip                   150
New Member Sponsorship      15
Service Participation               110
Service Projects                       12
Youth Services                        1 Rotary Club and 1 Interact Club
PolioPlus                                  $5,000
Annual Fund Contributions     $16,500
District Training                      5
Discussion was held about the structure of corporate memberships. Stemen will study it and revisit the issue at the next board meeting.
Discussion was also held about whether the club should continue to stream meetings on Zoom for those who are not able to attend in person. The club renewed its Zoom subscription in June 2022 for one year. Decker will provide information to the board about Zoom attendance so virtual attendees can be encouraged to attend in person.
Stemen stated that increasing membership is his first priority for the 2022-2023 year. Board members will compile a target list of companies to approach about Rotary membership. Also, those who contributed to the amphitheater who are not currently members will be asked to join. The club will also have cards made that members can use to invite friends to meetings. Burden suggested having “membership days” when members are encouraged to invite friends and they are told about all the benefits of joining Rotary.
Stemen stated that he will review goals and progress at each board meeting.
Stemen also suggested “succession planning” for the club’s committees where each committee chair would have a second who would be able to move into the chair’s position when that person is ready to step down.
Motion To Adjourn
Burden made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:58 P.M.

Upcoming Events
Russ & Anne Decker's House
Jul 20, 2022
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing
Hidden Creek Golf Club
Aug 17, 2022
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
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Jul 18, 2022 12:00 PM
Care Access Alzheimer's Study
Jul 25, 2022 12:00 PM
Organ Transplants
Aug 01, 2022 12:00 PM
Ohio Theater
Aug 08, 2022 12:00 AM
Ukraine War
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