Posted by Bob Ruehl on Aug 05, 2022
Making the most of your global community
From immersive travel experiences with new friends to building a global community around shared passion or identities, to lending your expertise to help fellow clubs with their service goals – there’s something for everyone at Rotary!
We’re celebrating Membership and New Club Development during August. Our members come to Rotary, and stay with Rotary, to make a positive change through service and to build lifelong friendships. Below we’ll highlight some of the ways you can enhance your Rotary experience through stronger service and new connections.
Flex your professional skills to make a greater impact: 
  • Lend your expertise in project planning, design, monitoring and evaluation, or Rotary’s areas of focus by joining your District’s Resource Network. Your District Resource Network, coordinated by your district’s international service committee, connects you to peers with expertise in Rotary’s areas of focus and project planning and management to help you design more impactful projects. Contact your district’s international service committee chair to get involved.
  • If you specialize in Rotary’s areas of focus, join one of Rotary’s 27 Action Groups to advise clubs and districts on projects and stay informed on professional development opportunities through workshops, conferences, and summits around the world.
  • Increase your project impact by designing programs that achieve results and scaling successful endeavors. Watch the Increase Your Impact webinar series through Rotary’s Learning Center for courses on Scaling Impact for Transformative Change, What is a Theory of Change?, and Using a Theory of Change
  • Empower local community leaders by partnering on service projects. Help your club formalize relationships with local project partners by sponsoring a Rotary Community Corps.
Build a global community  
  • Experience a new culture by participating in a Rotary Friendship Exchange, an immersive opportunity to experience a new country and share about your own culture while hosting international visitors. 
  • Explore shared professions, hobbies, or connect over shared identities by joining a Rotary Fellowship.  
  • Get to know a new culture and local service priorities by attending a project fair: events hosted by Rotarians and Rotaractors where local clubs present their projects to international visitors with the goal of sparking long-term international service partnerships.
  • Lay the foundation for long-term international collaboration and understanding by joining an Intercountry Committee
Everyone has their own reasons for joining Rotary, and your membership comes with  incredible benefits like access to a vast global network in which to forge lasting connections and an increased capacity to do good.
Enhance your membership experience by getting involved in service and fellowship beyond your club, and help others learn about the opportunities available to them, too. Download this infographic for an overview of the different programs mentioned above and share it with members in your club and district.