Posted by Keith Horner on Jan 19, 2024
Help the Lima Rotary Club reach this year's PolioPlus goal of $3,000.
To benefit PolioPlus, you have the opportunity to buy entries into a raffle. The three prizes are the following: 
  1. Two bottles of Weller Bourbon: 1 Red and 1 Green Label
  2. 5 $20 lottery tickets
  3. A framed Allen County map
The cost is $25 for 1 entry or 5 entries for $100. You provide the money with the pledge card or see Keith Horner at the table and your name will be entered into the drawing.  
To enter the raffle, simply fill out the pledge card and leave cash or a check made out to Lima Rotary Club. 
If you want to donate, but do not want to be in the drawing, please indicate that on the card. 
Tickets will be sold through February 26th. The drawing will be held on Feb 26, 2024. 
Please note that your contribution will count towards your annual PolioPlus contribution.