Posted by Anne Decker
The Lima Rotary Club holds its first Zoom meeting!
After a two month hiatus, the Lima Rotary Club held its first Zoom meeting on May 18. 45 members attended the virtual meeting. The guest speakers were Katie Walker from the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board and Adah Ellerbrock from Coleman Professional Services.  Katie told us that the Mental Health Board has really seen an increase in the number of people experiencing anxiety and depression as a result of the pandemic. "Anxiety and depression symptoms increase due to fear about the virus, financial distress, decrease in socialization, living with uncertainty and the adjustment to change." The national hotline for people in emotional distress reported a 1,000% increase in calls in April compared to April of last year and there has been an increase in alcohol consumption, suicides, overdoses and domestic violence. She says the change in people's routines is affecting their day-to-day coping skills. If you are having any issues, she suggests keeping in mind all the things you have to be grateful for, staying positive, eating healthy, exercising, meditating, connecting with family and friends virtually, and establishing new routines. If you need immediate help, contact the crisis line 24 hours a day at 800-567-HOPE. Adah says that Coleman Professional Services is responsible for the Choose Hope signs that we've seen around the community which were designed by her daughter. They are available for a $20 donation to Coleman.